Rainbow Rocket Ninja

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100% (6/6)
Check out Rainbow Rocket Ninja game, It's lit! This action-packed game is all about drawing a trajectory for your blue ninja and taking down all your enemies. The little blue ninja in this game is faster than a rocket, and you'll become the master of all ninjas once you start playing.

You can use all sorts of weapons to take down your targets without being sneaky. With a knife, you'll be moving like The Flash, and with a gun, you'll be a sniper master. It's a perfect game for all you action junkies out there!

The game can be found on along with many other diverse free and unblocked games, you don't even have to download it. So, what are you waiting for? Go give Rainbow Rocket Ninja a try and have some fun!

PC controls: Use the mouse to draw and attack Mobile and Tablet Controls: Tap on the screen to draw and attack.


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