Uphill Rush 11

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Get ready for the ultimate water park adventure in "Uphill Rush 11" - an action-packed arcade racing game. In this latest installment of the Uphill Rush series, players can take a break from the high-stakes car racing of the previous episode and enjoy a wild and wacky vacation on a cruise ship filled with exciting waterslides.

Choose from an array of inflatable rings or a powerful water scooter and experience the thrill of hurtling through the twists and turns of the tube slides. Perform death-defying jumps and dive into the pool, where other swimmers will have to make way for you as you dominate the waters.

Use the arrow keys to keep your balance. If you capsize, you’ll have to start over! When the lightning icon is loaded, you can activate a speed boost by tapping the space bar. Collect coins to upgrade your swimmers and your float’s power stats.


Action Arcade