Sauna Run

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Do you know about Sauna Run? You play a fairly fascinating game where you manage a sauna and attempt to attract as many clients as you can. The objective is to provide them with an excellent sauna experience and generate some money in the process.

Yet, getting customers is only part of the challenge; you also need to dodge obstacles! Avoid losing any of your well-earned consumers. And you want to make sure they had a lovely time when the game was over.

Sauna Run is available at if that interests you. And the best part is that nothing needs to be downloaded! Also, the website has a huge selection of other unblocked and free games, so you're sure to find something you like.

Why not try Sauna Run then? You'll like playing this game for hours because it's entertaining and difficult. And who knows, you might even develop into an authority in running saunas!

Use mouse to control sauna platform.


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