Push Noob

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Push Noob - Experience the thrill of a dancing Noob's fall in this exciting 3D simulator game. Help Noob earn diamonds by performing incendiary dances and throwing snowballs to collect diamonds from collisions. As you progress, unlock new levels and skins for Noob, each featuring cool 3D physics. With 12 levels and 12 skins to choose from, you'll have plenty of opportunities to show off your skills and compete with others to see who can earn the most diamonds. So get ready to join the fun and push Noob to new heights!"

Control for PC: Shooting snowballs – click the left mouse button; Moving the camera – hold down the right mouse button and rotate; Moving away and approaching the camera – rotate the mouse wheel. Management for the phone: Shooting snowballs – click on the screen; Moving the camera – tap on the screen and rotate without releasing it.


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